About Us

Civil and Criminal Investigation Firm is a Private Agency that provides investigative services. We specialized in working criminal, civil, corporate cases, among others. Likewise, our agency is designed to carry out all types of legal proceedings and/or judicial deligence. Composed of highly trained investigators with the knowledge and sufficient experience to satisfy the needs of our clients, and always distinguishing ourselves with the quality and professionalism that our clients deserves in this sensitive labor.

It is the main function of our investigators to be able to discover and make evident the hidden or unknown reality of a determine situation of a particular nature, where the State does not compromise itself specifically to serve and where the procedures realize for this porpuse and the resulting information are strictly confidential in all the work done.

We are currently established, regulated and duly licensed by the State Police Bureau and the Goverment of Puerto Rico, under Law No. 108 of June 1965, as amended.


To be for our clients an entity of tranquility and trust, for when requesting our services they feel reassured that they have deposit in us the responsibility of carrying out an investigation and assured them that they will receive an excellent service in all the work carried out by our investigators with an attention highly confidential and personalized that they can count on, in the moment that they need it and focus on their service needs


To possition ourselves as the best private investigation agency highlighting our high level of quality and professionalism in the performance of our provided services of our investigators and our administration. To establish ourselves in the market and expand our operations and impact new companies and/or businesses beyond the established limits of research; giving our clients full trust in our services.

Why Us?

Our research team is constantly educating and capacitating itself in order to establish strategies at the vanguard of research, in addition to maintaining legal advisory advice by studying and knowing the laws of our island. We have access to the latest resources, tools and research equipment, so that our client can benefit from our experience and exposure in the industry. To establish our criteria and proposals we have studied the field well and worked hard to develop the best strategies in our research that make it a unique and personalized experience.

If you need a private investigator, we recommend that you contact our team. We will evaluate your case accurately and thoroughly and explain the best research method we will use with your specific case.